The Wealth Playbook

The Wealth Playbook is our exclusive F3 Service Model, data-driven Economic, Inflation, and Policy (EIP) Investment Process, and guidance a client receives from the years of extensive experience we have on the team.  Our goal is to simplify the complexities of sustainable wealth and provide time back to clients in today’s work-optional lifestyle. 

Wealth Management

·  Investment Strategy through our EIP Process
·  Financial Goal Planning
·  Portfolio Reviews

Tax Planning and Mitigation

· Income Tax Analysis
· Coordination with your CPA/tax advisor
· Tax Minimization Strategies

Banking, Lending, and Trust Services

· Securities-Based Lending
· Trust Management & Administration

Estate Planning Strategies and Philanthropy

· Estate Planning Analysis
· Trust Services
· Foundation, Endowment, and Donor-Advised Funds

Family-Focused Services

· Consolidated Reporting using Addepar
· Bill Pay
· Legacy Planning

Family Engagement

· Family Meetings
· Generational Planning and Wealth Transfer
· Family Learning, Governance, and Communication